AgroFarm Russia News

26 to 28 May 2010, Moscow

AgroFarm, the international exhibition for animal husbandry and breeding, is being held in Moscow for the fourth time from 26 to 28 May 2010. With over 200 exhibitors from 19 countries, the exhibition is showing good prospects. This is coupled with some positive signs from the Russian animal production sector:
The Russian government is planning more than 220 agricultural projects and low cost loans of up to 165 billion (165,000,000) rubels are being made available.
Red tape hampering imports of breeding animals has been cut, and trade and customs obstacles are being dismantled.
Some 30,000 breeding cattle as well as equipment for 65,000 animal places to be newly built or modernised are to be leased within the national development programme for 2010.
Growing demand since the beginning of 2010 detected for modern animal housing and feeding concepts and for milking machinery and equipment.

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