PROGIS Conference 2009

May 12th and 13th, Prague

It will be hold as joined conference together with INSPIREd CEE-SDI- (EUROGI, CAGI, INSPIRE) and ISAF-Conference on May 12th and 13th in Prague, Czech Republic. Additionally to the plenary presentations on the topic “ICT in rural areas” given by a number of well-know stakeholders from the public and private sector, there will take place specific workshops for large farm enterprises, farm cooperatives, agro-machine and agro-chemistry producers, agro-banks and insurance companies, and there are provided training courses on our software on 13th and 14th.
The topic of the PROGIS conference is the request for concerted actions to ensure that agriculture will be able to feed worldwide the ongoing growing population. Climate change, the reduction of natural resources, a stronger demand for bio-energy, urbanization and environmental protection are additional mega-trends that have to be considered by this so important economic sector. Hence, globally there is a strong demand for technologies and practical instruments for improving the planning, development and management of agriculture and forestry or in general, natural resources.
The PROGIS conference deals with IT Solutions and their practical implementations in a flourishing agriculture.
There will be shown how the single members of the food processing chain will move together to achieve through networks of work processes significant improvements by using Information and communication technologies for rural areas as they are a basic requirement to reach the targeted improvements.

Presentations on 12th and 13th
• ICT in agriculture – the groundwork for food- and biomass production and a positive development of agriculture and forestry
• Logistics – one element of an integrated rural area platform for adding value
• Precision Farming – for the benefit of farmers and the environment
• Risk- and resource management within landscapes – a workplace-reservoir – a red-hot topic and one answer to the current crises
• Public-private business models – the base for holistic solutions
Workshops on 13th in the afternoon
• Interfaces from add-on machines to documentation tools – the back office
• IT solutions for large scale farming – farm management, logistics and precision farming
• Agricultural insurance and agro-banking
Software introductory courses on 13th and 14th
• WinGIS
• AGROffice-DokuPlant
• LoGIStics
• FORESToffice
The topics of ISAF, the XV. European conference Information systems in Agriculture and Forestry conference will be:
• scientific opportunities and directions in the European Union
• information and communication technologies for rural areas
• Living Labs
• applications for agriculture and forestry
• eLearning for rural areas
• human aspect of information society development
• food safety and traceability
The topics of the I. INSPIREd CEE-SDI conference topics will be:
• Explore the state of play in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries regarding GI and SDIs
• Raise awareness of the benefits of GeoInformation and promote the advantages of modern SDI for enlarged Europe, especially for CEE countries, with respect to their specific conditions.
• Identify the extent to which INSPIRE could be a catalyst for the development of GI & SDIs in CEE countries.
• Identify opportunities for practical assistance with the establishment and/or development of National GI Associations in CEE countries where stakeholders request it.
• Discuss and promote the future funding to support ongoing future NGIA and GI/SDI development in CEE countries.
• Workshops LL4SDI and LL4R – Living Labs for Spatial Data Development (LL4SDI) and Living Labs as Enabler of Rural Development (LL4R) will be prior actions to the joined conferences and will be hold on 11th already.

Gain a head start in knowledge – and mark the days May 11th – 14th in your calendar
We are looking forward to see you in Prague.
With best regards
Walter H. Mayer
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