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14th Annual SIVE Congress

and Veterinary European Equine Meeting of the Year 2008.

Jan. 25-27, 2008 - Venice, Italy
The 2008 SIVE Congress will provide a very interesting scientific programme with 3 parallel tiers of lectures including topics on Equine Surgery, Orthopaedics, Reproduction and Neonatology, Internal Medicine and Practice Management. International invited speakers will provide an educational opportunity for both specialised practitioners and students or new graduates. The programme will also include an Imaging Panel, discussion time, free communications on the latest scientific findings and a poster session.

The official languages of the meeting are English and Italian. All State-of-the-Art lectures will be presented in English with simultaneous translation into Italian.

Short Communications, Call for Abstracts and Instruction for Authors
The Scientific Committee of XIV SIVE Congress 2008 invites authors to submit scientific abstracts for oral presentations of short communications. Papers not included in any of the specialty areas scheduled for the congress will be considered separately. The specialty areas are: Anaesthesia, Embryo Transfer, Emergency, Imaging, Internal Medicine, Neonatology, Orthopaedics, Podiatry, Practice Management, Reproduction and Surgery. Papers relating to the most recent studies in clinical and research aspects of Equine Medicine and Surgery will be considered and texts of practical-applicable type will be particularly appreciated. Accepted communications will be included in the main sessions of the Congress. Whenever possible, every effort will be made to respect the indicated area of interest.
Best Communication: Participants will vote on the best communication and the author will receive a free registration to the following year's International Congress in Italy.
Past SIVE Proceedings
SIVE - Bologna, Italy, 2007.
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