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Eastern Europe Forum

Budapest, September 20th - 21st

FAO, Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia together with the private companies PROGIS Software and Adcon Telemetry are organising this seminar and cordially invite you to taking part and to learn and discuss about

• Technology cooperation on the agro/forest market – the integrated approach
• ICT applications for rural areas and farm management
• Decision support systems for agriculture
• Agro-meteorological systems
• Precision farming
• Agro-ICT for extension services
• Horizontal and vertical sector integration

It is a two day’s lasting event, hosted by FAO Budapest. The first day is a general information day. During the second day, the single technologies and approaches will be discussed in detail. To the seminar there are invited policy and decision makers of all Eastern European countries, scientist, NGO’s and the private sector. The seminar is free of charge but participants have to bear their costs for travelling and stay. Coffee breaks on both conference days are sponsored by FAO. More information on the event with details on the venue, the agenda, the registration and accommodation may be downloaded from this link: http://www.progis.com/events/budapest2010/index.html
Please register still today to secure a place.

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