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EJCAP Special issue 2013: hereditary disorders in dogs

October 2013 - This year’s special issue of EJCAP features two well-known veterinarians on the international dog breeding scene, Astrid Indrebø (Norway) and Åke Hedhammar (Sweden), who explain how breeders and veterinarians can help to improve the health of dog breeds.

The special issue on hereditary disorders in dogs also contains interactive articles on ocular, dental, cardiac, neurological and orthopaedic hereditary disorders, with videos, slide shows and quizzes.
Breeding healthier dogs
Interactive CPD in this issue includes:
-          Breeding healthier dogs, the breeder’s role (Astrid Indrebø, Norway)
-          Breeding healthier dogs, the vet’s role (Åke Hedhammar, Sweden)
-          Hereditary ocular disease in the dog (Peter Bedford, UK)
-          Hereditary oral disorders in pedigree dogs (Jerzy Gawor, Poland)
-          Genetic background of heart disease in dogs (Jens Häggström, Sweden)
-          Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia (Clare Rusbridge, UK)
-          Screening for orthopaedic defects (Herman Hazewinkel, Netherlands)
-          Prevalence and grading of hemivertebrae in dogs (Eva Schlensker, Germany)
Focus on Ireland
This issue also features highlights of the Dublin congress and a special ‘Focus on... Ireland’ page including a visit to a companion animal practice near Dublin! As usual, it contains book reviews as well as European and global news for the companion animal practitioner.
Free interactive CPD – at your fingertips
EJCAP online is also accessible on your tablet so that you can stay tuned in when on the move. Like the previous issues, the special issue of EJCAP online is available in Russian. Добро пожаловать!
To find out more, go the FECAVA website (www.fecava.org).
EJCAP online is generously supported by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, MSD Animal Health and Elanco, its prime partners.
Notes for Editors
• The Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) is the platform to promote the professional development and representation of companion animal veterinarians in Europe. Founded in 1990, it currently has 38 national member associations and 13 associate member associations. FECAVA represents over 30,000 companion animal practitioners throughout Europe.
• Prime partners of EJCAP online include Hill’s Pet Nutrition, MSD Animal Health and Elanco.
• For further information, please contact EJCAP online coordinator Karin de Lange (kdelange@invivo.edu)

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