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EJCAP Spring 2014: Mast cell tumours

March 2014 – What is the best diagnostic approach to a suspicious mass? How should the lab report be interpreted and which therapy is best? These and other questions are discussed by Laura Blackwood (Liverpool University) in her update on mast cell tumours, in the Spring 2014 issue of EJCAP, the official journal of FECAVA (www.fecava.org).

The interactive issue contains the usual variety of videos (what is the difference between a simple and complex partial seizure?), slideshows (how to repair broken flight feathers), quizzes (test your knowledge on diagnostic imaging of the shoulder), interviews (tips on mast cell tumour diagnosis), downloads (decision tree for the treatment of seizures) and tables (which treatments are considered ‘best practice’ in pets with congestive heart failure?).

In this issue:
The Spring 2014 issue contains the following CPD papers:
- Advances in the treatment of CHF, by Jens Häggström et al (Sweden)*
- Update on mast cell tumours, by Laura Blackwood (UK)*
- Plumage disorders in psittacines, by Yvonne van Zeeland and Nico Schoemaker (Netherlands)
- Advances in the treatment of seizures in dogs, Thomas Flegel (Germany)

... as well as a selection of top quality reprint papers:
- The impact of neutering on mammary tumours, by Veronica Kristiansen et al (Norway)
- Anaesthetic arthrography of the canine shoulder, by Delphine Van Vynckt et al (Belgium)
- Meningoencephalomyelitis of unknown origin, by Marios Charalambous et al (Greece)
- Spindle toxins as veterinary chemotherapeutics, by Valeria Meier et al (Switzerland)

Free interactive CPD – at your fingertips
EJCAP – accessible on tablets – also contains book reviews and news reports on the FECAVA/Laboklin travel bursary, European pet night and the puppy trade in Europe. In a short video, FECAVA president Monique Megens presents the highlights of the FECAVA Council meeting held there early March.

Open access
EJCAP is now open access for all veterinary practitioners, students and nurses in Europe and beyond! It is also available in Russian, and all papers can be downloaded as pdfs.

EJCAP online is generously supported by Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Elanco, its prime partners.
* FECAVA lectures at the 2013 Dublin EuroCongress

Notes for Editors

• The Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) is the platform to promote the professional development and representation of companion animal veterinarians in Europe. Founded in 1990, it currently has 39 national member associations and 13 associate member associations. FECAVA represents over 30,000 companion animal practitioners throughout Europe.

• Prime partners of EJCAP online include Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Elanco.

• For further information, please contact EJCAP online coordinator Karin de Lange (kdelange@invivo.edu) or go to www.fecava.org

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