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EJCAP Summer 2014: Travelling pets

How can you best protect travelling pets and their owners from disease? Which parts of Europe are at risk of heartworm? These and other questions are discussed by Harvey Locke (UK) in the Summer 2015 issue of EJCAP, the official journal of FECAVA.
The interactive issue contains the usual wealth of videos, slideshow, self-evaluation quizzes and downloads.

In this issue
Other original papers in this issue:
- Controversy in fluid therapy: crystalloids vs. colloids, by Dan Chan (UK)
- Feather damaging behaviour in psittacines (part 2), by Yvonne van Zeeland and Nico Schoemaker (Netherlands).
- Feline injection site sarcoma: a Latvian piece to the puzzle, by Ilze Matise-Van Houtan (Latvia)
- External fixation of tibial fractures using the Ilizarov technique, by Natalia Kononovich and colleagues (Russia)
- Wellness plans in practice, what works and why, by Pere Mercader (Spain)

The issue also contains two reprint papers:
- Corneal grafts using biomaterial in dogs and cats, by Frédéric Goulle (France)
- Neurological complications in critically ill patients, by Carlos Torrente (Spain)

Free interactive CPD – at your fingertips
EJCAP also contains book reviews and reports on the new FECAVA wet lab rules and the FECAVA/Laboklin travel bursary, a visit to Georgia and more! EJCAP is open access for all veterinary practitioners, students and nurses in Europe and beyond.

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Notes for Editors

• The Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) is the platform to promote the professional development and representation of companion animal veterinarians in Europe. Founded in 1990, it currently has 39 national member associations and 13 associate member associations. FECAVA represents over 30,000 companion animal practitioners throughout Europe.

• EJCAP online is generously supported by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, its prime partner.

• For further information, please contact EJCAP online coordinator Karin de Lange


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