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European Veterinary Conference - Voorjaarsdagen

April 24 -26, 2008 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Feline and Equine Programme:
This year we open the Conference with the ESFM-Voorjaarsdagen Feline Symposium on Wednesday April 23. The symposium offers practical advice on all aspects of feline medicine.
Visit our website for our complete Scientific Programme and Registration deals on http://www.voorjaarsdagen.org/.
This year we have done our best to promote the practical part of our annual meeting. Besides the hands-on laboratories on dry lab models and cadavers, we offer 20-minute short communications, where specialists share their secret tips on “how to” work up critical patients, diagnose and treat trauma cases and gastro-intestinal challenges.
In order to give newly graduated veterinarians some knowledge from people other than their own faculty, and to update the older generations, we have invited a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, an orthopaedic surgeon and a soft tissue surgeon to lecture on basic knowledge in their respective fields. If you are a more experienced veterinarian and a keen conference participant, these speakers will tickle your brain and recharge your knowledge-batteries with new ideas.
Past and new knowledge will be challenged during the key-voting sessions. Be prepared!
Equine Programme:
For the very first time, we have organised the Voorjaarsdagen – scil Equine Imaging Quiz.
Our invited speakers, Dr. Natascha Werpy and Dr. Puchalski (USA) have put together an intriguing set of 10 cases for you to interpret. Fill out your form and win!! Do not miss their lectures on advanced imaging modalities on Friday afternoon and their joint session discussing the quiz-cases on Saturday April 26, at 1:30 PM.
Voorjaarsdagen greatly acknowledges the generous support of the more than 80 companies from the veterinary industry. They will again create a lively exhibition floor with buffet lunches and live music, all included in your registration fee. So travel to the Netherlands this spring and join us in Amsterdam!
Contact Information:
P.O. Box 74713
1070 BS
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)20-6793411
Fax: +31-(0)20-6737306

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