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European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress

June 8-10, 2007, Vienna Austria.

The European Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society - EVECCS invites you to join us on June 8–10, 2007 for the 6th Annual EVECCS Symposium to be held in, Vienna, Austria.
For this event, EVECCS is associated with the Veterinary School of Vienna, Austria. Dr. Yves Moens, Chair of the local Organizing Committee and his staff have put together a superb series of cutting edge lectures and workshops with a distinguished list of international speakers.
The EVECCS 2007 themes are cardiology and advanced respiratory topics with several lectures devoted to the highly relevant priority issues for everyone in veterinary clinical medicine.
The Annual EVECCS symposium will provide state-of-the-art information in the field, and in addition, this year the symposium offers the opportunity to attend a superb workshops and wet-labs. This congress is the key to exchange of information in the Emergency and Critital Care field and it is a vital part of the development of our specialty.

Confirmed speakers and instructors:
S. Böhm, Dr Med (Germany)
P. Coppens, Dipl ECVA (Austria)
J. Devey, Dipl ACVECC (Canada)
G. Dupré, Dipl ECVS (Austria)
K. Hittmair, Dr Vet (Austria)
R. Kaun, Dr Vet (Austria)
K. Mathews, Dipl ACVECC (Canada)
Y. Moens, Dipl ECVA (Austria)
E. Rudloff, Dipl ACVECC (USA)
I. Schwendenwein, Dr Vet (Austria)
N. Van Israël, Dipl ECVIM-CA (Belgium)
B. Vidoni, Dr Vet (Austria)

The Scientific Program includes scientific State-of-the-Art lectures, abstracts, basic level training lectures, advanced level training lectures, workshops and wet-labs.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Yves Moens
Veterinärplatz 1, Vienna, 1210, Austria.
Tel.: +43 125077-5350/5313
Fax: +43 125077-5396
By e-mail (click here)
or contact Dr. Moens secretary: Mrs. Margit Nemeskal
Tel.: +43 1025077 5313
By e-mail (click here)
Visit our website: www.eveccs.org

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