FECAVA honours on new membership card

The new FECAVA membership card honours the Finnish veterinarian Saki Paatsama (1918-1998).

Considered a true visionary and one of the fathers of veterinary surgery and orthopaedics – creator of the ‘over-the-top’ technique of the stifle – Dr Paatsama taught all aspects of surgery at the Helsinki Veterinary School for many years. He was also actively involved in numerous organisations including the WSAVA, FECAVA, ESVS, ESVOT and the International kennel club (FCI). FECAVA membership cards are published once a year, giving veterinarians a physical proof of their membership. Templates of the card will be distributed by FECAVA member associations to the individual members. Members can then print and complete the card and then laminate it for optimal use. Previous membership cards honoured Claude Bourgelat and William Percivall.

Karin de Lange BSc DVM MRCVS

FECAVA Press Officer

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