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First European Congress of SIVAR

Feb. 8-9, 2008 - Verona, Italy

New Perspectives for the European Veterinary Profession: Animal Health, Welfare and Quality Productions
SIVAR - Italian Association of Farm Animal Practitioners - and VeronaFiere are proud to welcome you to the "First SIVAR European Congress".
Over the last nine years, SIVAR has gained valuable experience in the organization of various events and can boast to the participation of a great number of Italian veterinarians. SIVAR was also responsible for the planning and scientific committee of the international congress paying particular attention to the needs of animal husbrandy which is developing in Eastern European countries that have recently become part of the UE. The general theme of the congress will be "New Perspectives for European Veterinary Profession: Animal Health, Welfare and Quality Productions". There will be three main conference rooms and a total of nine sessions, four of which will be dedicated to dairy cattle, two to the food production chain and one to swine breeding, beef and aviculture. The importance of the topics chosen, together with the presence of our guest speakers who are well-known in the european research field, will guarantee a congress of the highest level with a significant participation of veterinarians both from Italy and abroad.

Our aim is to promote SIVAR in all new UE countries and to diffuse as much information as possible on this association. In order to do this, starting in September, Fieragicola has organized a road-tour which has travelled to all these countries with a series of meetings which also included the local veterinary associations.
The official language of the congress will be Italian and simultaneous translations into English will be provided in all conference rooms.

Contact Information:
Paola Orioli, Congress Secretary
Tel. +39 (0) 372 40.35.39

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