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Genekam Biotechnology AG

A manufacturer of ready to use PCR kits

Genekam Biotechnology AG is a manufacturer of ready to use PCR kits (around 375 kits) for different micro organisms of human as well as veterinary medicine important. These kits are easy to use and come with all components needed to perform the PCR assay. These components are primers, probes, polymerase, buffers, nucleotides, positive control as well as negative control along with the manual for real time PCR kits, but Genekam manufactures conventional PCR kits (gel agarose based), which contains components like primers, polymerase, buffers, nucleotides, loading dye, gene ruler, positive control, negative control and manuals. In case it is for RNA based targets like RNA viruses or tumour markers, it contains components to convert RNA to cDNA i.e. reverse transcriptase, nucleotides, primers etc. (This can be done in one step as well as two steps). All assays have been validated for cross reactions with related and non related targets. These assays are highly sensitive in some case upto 1-2 CFU per ml. Our products are being exported to around 55 countries in the world, therefore they can be used in different kinds of thermocyclers without any problem. Many of our kits are easy to use as there are only one or two steps to do the PCR.

Advantage of PCR method against serological method: PCR is more sensitive, specific as well as accurate e.g. one cannot do HCV genotyping with serological methods accurately. Moreover the serological methods can give wrong results as they detect antibodies, which appear between 5 to 16 days after infection . After that, the antibodies are not detectable. Same is true with chronic diseases e.g. HCV, HIV, HBV, therefore in Germany all blood products for transfusion must be tested with PCR. Similarly serological methods are prone to cross reactions. Therefore PCR method is method of choice in the field of medicine. In case of doubt, one can do the genesequencing in order to reconfirm this.

Genekam manufactures all kits in her own laboratory. Here are a few of them:

1. Mosquito borne virus: Blue tongue virus: This is virus infecting domestic (e.g. sheep, cattle) and wild ruminants (e.g. deer). It is transmitted through the bite of mosquito called Culicoides. Usually sheep shows clinical signs with very high mortality rate (30-50% mortality rate) against the cattle, which show usually subclinical symptoms, but clinical cases has been reported in the cattle with 10% mortality. As expected, this virus (BTV-8) is circulating in European countries like Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg since last two years. There are 24 different serotypes of this virus. Usually the transmission of this virus takes up to 10 weeks before it can be detected by observing the clinical symptoms, which means that it is second or third infection-cycle hosts, which makes this virus difficult to control. There are outbreaks during the summer month, therefore it will be good idea to control the animals during the winter months for the presence of this virus in blood in order to trace the carriers and to eradicate them. This can be done with good reliable PCR kits against serological methods like ELISA, which may not be able to detect the antibodies as they will not be able in body in latent stage. Similarly during the beginning of outbreak or summer months, one can use the PCR to detect infected animals as the PCR can detect the infection as early as one day post infection against ELISA, where one can detect the infection after 5th day post infection, such measurements can help to reduce infected animals and help to control this disease along with the vector controlling methods e.g. in the countries, where mosquito borne diseases are endemic, there is regular use of mosquito repellent sprayers etc. Keep in mind these factors, Genekam Biotechnology has developed the following tests:

1.1 Ready to use PCR kit for Blue Tongue virus: This is gel agarose based and used as nested PCR. This kit is highly sensitive, it can be used on isolated RNA. It can detect BTV-8 along with other serotypes. This is an end point assay called qualitative assay.

K111 Blue tongue virus (gel agarose PCR kit) 100 reactions Euro 699,-

1.2 Ready to use PCR kit for Blue Tongue virus as real time PCR: It can also detect all 24 serotypes including BTV-8. It is based on fluorogenic primers. This kit is compatible with different real time machines like ABI, Rotorgene, Stratagene, Techne, Cepheid etc. This is quantitative assay, where one can see and compare the load of various samples.

FR0035 Blue tongue virus (real time PCR kit) 100 reactions Euro 599,-

2. Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV): This virus affects usually pig population. There are two major strains i.e. American and EU strains. There are many breakouts going of this virus in China and near by areas. It can be also transmitted through the sperms from male to female. Genekam has developed a PCR assay to detect both strains in the unknown sample e.g. plasma, tissue, respiratory samples, semen. The assay is real time, therefore one can measure the load of this virus or both strains in the sample. This assay is fluorogenic and it can be used on real time machines of ABI, Rotorgene, Stratgene, Techne, Cepheid etc. At present, this virus is causing heavy economical losses to pork industry, therefore it should be monitored through PCR technology. Moreover this virus may be spread through air or winds i.e. near countries from China can get this virus also, hence one must carry strong monitoring in such areas.

FR0036 PRRSV (real time PCR kit) 100 reactions Euro 599,-

3. GMO food detection: A genetically modified crop is different from a crop raised through tradition breeding methods. A GM crop has typically several genes inserted with the gene of interest e.g. Round-up Ready soybean has a promoter gene inserted EPSPS gene to make this crop resistant. There are a number of crops, which are genetically modified. Many countries are not accepting such GM food, therefore there are laws in these countries not allowing to import the food containing such GM crops or GM crops or the parts of GM crops. Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed a number of PCR assays to detect such GM crops. The kits can be used on DNA isolated from the samples like seed, leaves, food, drinks etc. DNA isolation can be done with commercial available methods or in house made methods.

3.1 K304: Ready to use PCR kit (GM Soybean: detecting EPSPS) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

K305: Ready to use PCR kit (GM Soybean: detecting P35S) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

K306: Ready to use PCR kit (GM Soybean: detecting NOS) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

K307: Ready to use PCR kit (Soybean specific) 100 reactions Euro 199,- (This can be used as internal control or can be used to detect the presence of Soybean in unknown sample)


K308: Ready to use PCR kit (GM Maize: detecting bt176) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

K309: Ready to use PCR kit (GM Maize: detecting bt11) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

K310: Ready to use PCR kit (GM Maize: detecting Mon 810) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

K311: Ready to use PCR kit (GM Maize: detecting T14/T25) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

K252: Ready to use PCR kit (as internal control) 100 reactions Euro 199,-

The above said kits can be used to detect Maize (bt176, bt11, Mon 810, T14/25) and Soybean Roundup (this is trade name of GM Soybean).

We are developing other kits for Canola, Rice, Potato, Rapeseed, Tomato GM crops detecting also. We should test the animal feed and impact of GM feed on animals.

4. Ready to use PCR kit for entero viruses: Enteroviruses are RNA group of viruses, which affects human as well as animals.

K748A: Enterovirus Ready to use PCR kit (gel agarose based) 100 reactions 100 reactions Euro 699,-

5. Tick borne encephalitis virus: This is flavivirus transmitted through the bite of the tick in human and animals e.g. dog, horse etc. Genekam PCR kit can be used to detect this virus in ticks as well as other samples e.g. blood, serum, brain tissue etc.

K034: TBE virus Ready to use PCR kit (gel agarose based) 100 reactions Euro 899,-

6. Human Cytokine gene detection: These assays are universal assays to detect the presence as well as find to change in the level of expression of these Cytokines in sample. Such studies are being conducted to see the affect of presence of one micro organisms in body e.g. Mycobacterium tuberculosis or affect of a particular drug on the human body or affect of a particular food on human body as there are many medicinal plants being used through the people through out the world. Similarly the affect of vaccine can be measured on the cytokine level of body. Our kit is gel agarose at present, but this can be used to quantify the expression of a particular cytokine while making the dilutions in gel agarose .e.g 1: 2 or 1:10 of target gene and one can make comparison between the two different stages .e.g. before and after the drug intake. The Genekam is going to open the new areas to any laboratory in the world to conduct highest standard of research done in most advanced laboratories in the world. Genekam kits need isolated RNA to conduct these assays.

K090: Ready to use PCR kit (IFN) 100 reactions Euro 499,-

K085: Ready to use PCR kit (IL-2) 100 reactions Euro 499,-

K099: Ready to use PCR kit (TNF) 100 reactions Euro 499,-

K126: Ready to use PCR kit for 3 cytokine targets like IFN, ILN-2 and TNF Euro 899,-

Genekam kits are opening a number of new chances for the laboratories to do the research and diagnostic in short period. Moreover the assays offered are being used in many laboratories through out the world, therefore the laboratories can compare their results and in this way improvements can be done.

GENEKAM Biotechnology AG
Damm Str. 31-33
47119 Duisburg
Tel: +49-203-555858-31

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