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Lameness in ruminants

February 28 -March 3, 2011 Rotorua, New Zealand

16th International Symposium and 8th Conference on
Lameness in ruminants.
Abstract Submission Deadline is September 28, 2010
We invite you to submit one or more paper or poster abstracts for your personal presentation at this prestigious conference. Online submissions via the conference website are preferred. Please contact the LIR Conference Secretariat if you have any difficulties with the submission process.
Please also note the following information and amendments detailed on the Conference Website.
Conference registrations will now open on the 1st October 2010 - this is to accommodate GST changes recently announced for New Zealand
The Pre-Conference Farm Tour has been brought forward to Sunday 27th February 2011
A farmer and consultant workshop has now been added on Monday 28th February 2011
New Zealand is a stunning destination - please visit the Official New Zealand website www.newzealand.com . More information on our host city Rotorua can be found on www.rotoruanz.com.
This is the pre-eminent international conference on the most important welfare problem of ruminants.
With a unique New Zealand perspective, this conference will embrace lameness in all farmed species and cover all aspects from molecular genetics to the development and monitoring of intervention programmes.
Papers on any aspect of lameness are welcomed but we are particularly interested in papers on the following topics:
•Behaviour and Lameness
•Lameness in Pasture-Based Systems: What are the problems, are they really the same?
•Getting Cows to Milking: tracks, collecting yards, parlour flow, milking once-a-day
•Extension Programmes: What levels are acceptable, how do we get there, how do "low-lameness" farmers manage?
•Breeding the Ideal Cow: Are our current cows designed for our system?
•Lameness in Sheep: Do we know enough to have an impact?
•Footrot: New Technology - New Solutions
•Ruminant Lameness - General topics
The aim of the conference is to bring researchers and veterinarians together and to fuse the practical and the scientific into workable solutions for lameness, particularly for cows on pasture-based systems.

Conference NZ
7 Benham Road, RD 4
Rotorua 3074, New Zealand
Tel: +64 7 362 4933
Fax: +64 7 362 4933

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