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Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC)

and 42º Congreso Nacional AVEPA
October 19 -21, 2007, Barcelona, Spain

Main Scientific Programme
The SEVC will feature multidisciplinary one-hour lectures in English (with simultaneous translations into other languages) on cardiology, internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, pain management and acupuncture, dermatology, diagnostic imaging, reproduction, critical care, behaviour, ophthalmology, equine and exotics, as well as anaesthesia and, of course, practice management.

The SEVC offers 16 different Workshops and Hands-on Laboratories for veterinarians in Small Animal, Exotics and Equine. The workshops and labs will be held at either the Barcelona Veterinary School, who is kindly making their modern veterinary facilities available or the CCIB (main SEVC Congress Venue). All workshops and labs will be delivered in English by the instructors; supported by the international co-ordinator who will facilitate comprehension in other languages. SEVC will provide transportation between CCIB (Congress Venue) and the Veterinary School (UAB).

Equine Programme
The equine session includes a day and a half session on Saturday and Sunday, the main speakers are: Dr. Auer, Dr. V. Reef, Dr. Fürst, Dr. M. Valdés and Dr. M. Prades. The SEVC offers 2 different Workshops and Hands-on Laboratories on equine medicine on Friday, October 19th at the Veterinary School (UAB):
1. Equine Abdominal, thoracic and musculoskeletal ultrasound. Practical use of the portable ultrasound unit in the field. This lab will cover basic techniques practitioners can do in the field using a portable ultrasound unit and applying it to abdomen and thorax of adults and foals, and selected joints.
2. Basic surgical procedures in horses. In this lab the basic techniques discussed in the morning lectures will be practiced on cadaveric limbs. These procedures can be performed by the practitioners in the field using simple surgical instruments.

Exhibition Area
There will be more than 70 major companies displaying their wares and keen to answer your questions in the exhibition hall located in the same building as the lectures.

Main Sponsors: Affinity, Eukanuba, Hill’s, Merial, Royal Canin, Shering Plough.

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