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Veterinary Sport Horse Congress

January 25-26, 2008 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 4th edition of the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress will again be held in combination with Jumping Amsterdam. The congress focuses on the veterinary management of top sport horses. The two day program brings a unique atmosphere with international speakers from the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, France and The Netherlands.
Friday January 25th will be about different orthopaedic problems on the neck, back and hindlimb, as well as the use of modern treatments in joint problems and kissing spines. An international prepurchase panel will be the main topic of Saturday January 26. International speakers at the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress are: Philippe Benoit (F), Edwin Enzerink (NL), Svend Kold (UK), Ann Martens (B), Mark Martinelli (USA) and Jan-Hein Swagemakers (GER).
Jumping Amsterdam 2008, sport and education at the highest level!
For more information or to subscribe, please visit our website http://www.proveto.org/

Equine Reproduction Seminar
February 13-14, 2008, Zwolle, Netherlands

Zwolle International offers a two day program with different equine topics in the wetlab “Focus on (in) Fertility” and the 8th edition of the “Equine Reproduction Seminar”. Two complete programs with practical lectures and the latest update on the area of reproduction.

Meet the Specialist: Focus on (in) Fertility
On Wednesday February 13th, a laboratory is organized for equine veterinarians. The invited speakers are Michelle LeBlanc (USA) and Pat McCue (USA). Together with the veterinarians at the Veterinary Clinic in Emmeloord, the invited speakers will conduct a practical program about the evaluation of the barren mare, including the examination, different techniques for cytology and culture swabs as well as treatments and interpretation (limited to a maximum of 25 veterinarians).

Equine Reproduction Seminar
The 8th edition of the Equine Reproduction Seminar is held on Thursday February 14th, again with an international panel of top speakers. The Chairman of the seminar is Peter Daels (B). The invited speakers for the 2008 meeting are Madeleine Campbell (UK), Michelle LeBlanc (USA), Pat McCue (USA), Yvette Nout (NL) and Myrthe Wessel (NL). Topics to be discussed are mare related, presented via lectures and an interactive “Fertility Case Night”.
We hope to meet you at Zwolle International 2008, the update on equine reproduction!

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