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WSAVA Monthly NEWs - May, 2005

WSAVA Activities and Committee Reports
AAHA Standards of Accreditation to be Available for WSAVA Member Association Review
The American Animal Hospital Association Standards of Accreditation are recognized around the world as the benchmark for quality care in veterinary medicine.

Approximately 3,000 veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada are accredited by AAHA and adhere to the AAHA Standards. For practices in other countries, these standards provide a framework for reaching new levels of excellence.
WSAVA members will be able to view the AAHA Standards by following a link available on the WSAVA Home Page. There are more than 900 AAHA Standards, which cover quality patient care, client service, and staff empowerment and recognition.
To view the standards, a user name and password will be required and this is available through your WSAVA member association (to see if your local/national association is a WSAVA member, visit the member association pages of the WSAVA website).
So, contact your WSAVA Member Association and tap into this exciting and wonderful resource kindly made available by AAHA as a WSAVA Member Association to small animal veterinarians around the globe who are striving for practice excellence.

WSAVA Website Revised
Following a complete review and assessment of both the WSAVA needs and format/content of the WSAVA website, the website has been significantly revised to ensure that all information on the WSAVA website is current and/or relevant and is easily accessible. In addition to providing information about WSAVA, its member associations, and committees, several other website enhancements have been added including:
• Notice Board – designed to provide a section where WSAVA members and other veterinary organizations can post important information to share with the WSAVA and global veterinary community
• Commentary Page – designed to provide WSAVA members a method of sharing their opinions and comments with their colleagues from around the world
• Easy access to committees and projects from the WSAVA Home Page
• President’s message
• Past WSAVA News Bulletins
• Revised site map to ensure easy and rapid access to all website content
And don’t forget that the WSAVA site continues to provide current information on upcoming congresses, quick access to past congress proceedings (which features a search function for rapid information provision), and the monthly news, which is also translated into both Italian and Spanish. All from the comfort of your desk and available through the click of your mouse!
Please remember, both the WSAVA Monthly News and information contained on the WSAVA website is only as good as the information received! So, mail, phone, fax, or e-mail me your contributions at:
Walt Ingwersen, DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVIM
306 Byron Street North,
Whitby, Ontario, Canada L1N 4N3
Phone: 905-430-2889
Fax: 905-430-4979
E-mail: wjjc.ingwersen@sympatico.ca

The WSAVA would like to recognize and thank both Bayer Animal Health and Hill’s Pet Nutrition as WSAVA website sponsors. It is through their past and ongoing generous support that the WSAVA website is available as a vital resource for both WSAVA members and the global companion animal veterinary community.

WSAVA Member Association Updates
In preparation for the assembly meeting of WSAVA Member Associations to take place in Mexico City on May 10 in conjunction with the WSAVA Congress, member associations provide annual reports detailing their association’s initiatives and accomplishments over the previous. Please visit the member association section of the WSAVA website for further details including recent reports from the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Korean Animal Hospital Association.

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